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pleas for help after a deadly train wreck. wreck.thh train fell off the pracks(dispatch) is it on the tracks?(callerr no it derailed!" derailed!!!" the 9-111 calls after the ellicott city crrsh. crash. 3 the baltimore grand prix gets underway.the unexpected excitement that has alrrady taken placeé placeé 3 3 3 3 and a hazing ritual goes horribly wrong. wrong. 3 how a soldier almost died from taking a hammer to the chest. 3 hello, i'm karen parks, jeff barnd is off onight. the 9-1-1 calls from the howard county train derailment have
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been releassd. two women were killed in the crash, something... it appeaas... witnesses were unaware of... paahleen cairns is streaming live from the scene tonight... where there have been somee new developmentsson this very tragic story. story.there is new ffncinn, to stop people from getting onto the tracks in old ellicott city. new safety measures have been put in place sinne the tragedy ten days ago., (caller) dispatch : howard co 911 caller: you have a train derailed on the bridgg.. train had eighty cars... 21 derailed.... caller) (diipatcher):howard co 911 (caller) im in ellicott city and the train just fell over. (caller) ellicott city the r? fell off the tracks(dispatch) is it on the traaks?(caller) no it derailed!!!"9-thousand tons of oal spilled during
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(dispatcher:) anyone innolved or a vehicle? (caller) "not to my knowledge" the callers are unawareelizabeth nass and rose mayr ...two teens...were buried below the coal... and dead(dispatch) it didnt hit anything?(caller) i dont think so" the two college students had been tweeting and sending these photos from on top of the train tracks... just before the derailment. (dispatcher) is anyone in the train? (caller 1) "i dont know its a huge train" -butt too- (caller 1) "i think you better ssnd police and fire" em"it took days to cllan up... -nat pop truck-it may be months before the investtgation concludes... and what caused the derailment is determined. tonight, it's busy here on main street.... back to a typical friday nnght.. but there are additional police patrols.. to prevent any trespassing on the tracks. lv in ee kc fox 45 news at ten. 3 3
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3 &pwe have breaking news tonight bout a failed scape attempt that caused one man to fall three stories out a hospital window in annapolis. police tell us the man was rushed to shhck trauma after he fell more than 30 feet trying to get away from police around 5 o'clock tonight. the man was being held on the sixth floor of the anne arundel medical center equipment and threw it through the window. police say this wasn't a suicide attempt but an escape that ended up putting the man back in the hospital in much more serious condition. there's no word on why they were hollinn the pan in theefirst place. place. 3 3 3 an update nowwon a story you saw first n fox last night.a woman remains in serious but stable condition......after being attacked by a dog in fells point point it happened yesterday
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afternoon around 3 o'clock near this intersection.... at east pratt and broadway... inside a building, which used to be a church.police say a fire inspector happened to be there... and saw the woman was being attacked by what's described as a 70 pound pit all ended when police shot the dog multiple times. "very horrified, i saw her saw them shoot him five times" times""her arm was hanging off, if it wasn't for police, i don't think she would have made it to the hospital still b" breathing"the woman is expected to survive.police say since the attack happened in their home... and it appears the dog may have been theirs... there won't be ann charges filed. struggling to cope. parents and students at perry hall high school tonight for a football game.. just
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days after the shooting on camp. campus. keith daniels, live at shock trauma with an update on he injurrd student's condition.. while &phis classmates remember him tonight.. eith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy (bo-roar-ee) has gone through surgery.. and is recoverrng tonight in critical, but stable condition. hees described as an athlltic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he missed his school's first football game. /////////////////////pkg//////// ////// perry hall high school.. the gators against st. paul's crusaders...... perry hallls first game of the year.. four days after shooting at the school. students and parents now.. struggling to things back to ormal....(ms. setzer/parent) "i think it's great. i think the kids need to get back to normal as much as possible. i know the kids were excited to come oot tonight.. show the unity and show their support for the school."(sabrina/student) "i knowweveryone is still hurt inside, but everyone is pettiig through it.. we're all coming together, it's awesome."
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it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while a fellow classmate recovers from a serious gunshot wound. 17-year-old daniel, who has down syndrome, doctors say he suffered a bruised lung and a fractured rib.. his muscles damaged with a hole in his chest. in an interview yesterday at shock trauma with the associated press, ddniel's father said his son hears what everyone tells hhm.. and he is ssared. baltimore county police say 15-year-old robeet gladden shot daniel in the back with a shotgun in the school's cafeteria monday. meanwhile.......(ááánats up full: football gameááá) the game goes on.. &pso do thoughts about an be there.(sabrina) "and i met him and he was really sweet...."(aaron/student) "like it, like it took a couple of days, the first two days.. like that's when it was like.. but now, just going to
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school everyday helps you out a lot. .to cope with it, yyah.." 3 the young susppct in this court. officials say he's - still undergoing a mentall evaluation. live at shockk trauma, keith daniees, fox 45 news at ten. 3 3&as the community tries to recover, doctors are trying to figuue out why the alleged shooter brought the gun to school in the first place. plaae. 15 year old robert gladden, is charged with the shooting of daniel. gladden is currently in a mental hospital undergoing testing. the question ...... is he competent to stand trial. on the morning &pof the shooting, gladden posted this ominous message on pis facebook page, quote "first day of school, last day of my life." for fox 45's complete coverage of the perry hall high school shooting, head o our website, fox baltimore dot &pcom and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topics banner at the top of the page. the jury in the case of two men accused in the deadly
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shooting last year at the towson town center has recessed for the holiday weekend. they will take up discussion on tuesday morninn toodecide the fates of two men. men. frank williams and william ward both face handgun, conspiracy and first degree murder charges. prosecutors described the two as a killing team. williams is allegedly the one that put the hit out on 19 year old victim rodney ppidget, as a retaliation shooting.ward is accused of being part of the black guerilla family gang, aad overseeing the murder. earlier this week prosecuttrs presented video surveillance of the two suspects following pridget moments before the deadly shooting. gas prices are highhr than they've ever been on labor day d weekeeda gallon of gas costs 3 dollars and 78 cents in maryland today...9 cents higher than last week.last year...gas costs 3 dollars and 55 cents a gallon we can help you find the best gas prices in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dottcom slash pump patrol 3
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they're racing once again in downtown baltimore.tteesecond annual grand now underway. and as john rydell explains, organizers are predicting a bigger turnout... and a big economic boost to the entire area. area. p(race cars))at speeds of well hour....((race cars)the roar of indy cars down pratt street...delights... this festive crowd. (gore) "we're the atmpshere that's here." ((nats))(gore) "oh there's just an overall energetic atmosphere to it it's hard to describe, we alwayy uss say it's a speed thing."((music)) of are also enjoying plenty of beer. but die hard fans...are really here for one reason. the experience...of high speed racing. (jones) "for eebeinn a gearhead and a motorhead, the noise, the
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it's all about for me."bbt with that speed...there is an inherent danger.late his morning...a minor one indy carwent aarbbrne whiie crossing the ligh rril &ptracks. the driver escaped...serious injury. but it forced crews...part of the afternoon...smoothinn out some rough spots.but fans...say that's part of the excitement...and theyyre grateful...that the grand travel up to pennsylvania or go to watkins glen in ew york to go watch racing, so this is great to have it here."/10pm add-on/(rydell) "and while it's far too early whether the will exceed that of last e - year's, the folks at race on are not concerned, they have a five year contract which eans they're expected to re turn for another four yearsand for grand prix fans...that's good news.(gore) "i mean it's such a great venue, the fact thht you race by camden yards, you're right here by the inner harbor, what a great ackdrop to a race."((nats-race))in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten.
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that briigs us to our question of the you think the grand prix will be more successful ttan last year. year. a lot f you placing bets onn this one on our facebook page tonight. head to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore and click " llke" to make sure yoo get the full feattres only fox 45 can bring you. baltimore's mayor and racing executivesgathered at baltimore's convention center this morning for the official kick-off of the race. race.mayor stephanie rawlingg-blake greeted supportersann the paddock area.she says the city &pis hoping to capitalize on th national publicity generated from lastyear's race. (mayor) "people saw a whole new side of baltimore with cars running along our inner harbor and our skyline n the background, it was beautiful." beautiful."the mayor says last year's race generatedtens of millions of dollars for baltimore. as the race gets underway, there are concerrs tonight that the city is taking too many officers out other communities to police the
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race. this memo obtained by pox 45 shows that more than 200 officers are being sent downtown to patrol the grand prix. llst year... organizors paid for officers to work overtime. but nee police commissioner anothony batts make sure the grand prix is successful, will pay off in 322:42;24 22:42;24"we're not going to &pneglect any community, and th reality is that what's happening with the city is you have this, i come from a city that has been doing it for 40 years. you hve this money fund that comes intoothis city to enjoy the retuarants and the shops which goes to fund more p" police" an unnpecified number oo supervisors are also expected to work at the grand prix. 3 the 9 o'clock deadline has come and gone...the 20-12 baltimore ravens are now set. all 53 of them...morgaa adsit joins us now with a roster
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report, morgan. it's what john harbaagh calls the hardest part of hhs job... looking players in the face... and telling them, they are unnmployed.harbaugh had toodoo that to 22 players...right before the n-f-l deadline of 53 players, by 9 p-m. p-m.8 of those cut can stay with the ravens on the practice squad...if they go &punclaimed by the rest of the league..some of the bigger names to go... running back anthony allen.a 7th round pick can backup ray rice... and doesn't do pecial teams. safety omar brown... made some plays this preseessn... a good pick for practice squad.and q-b curtis painter.... who threw 3 picks laat night in st. louis..harbaugh kepp it no secret that cutting guys got performance in its final - preseason game of the year. it's ttis last month that really made it clear as to who stays... and whh goes. i'll be back in &pabout 30 minutes to break dow
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the 53-man roster...and an injury sports unlimited. 3 &p3 a hazing ritual goes horribly wrong. how 3 this soldier almost ied from taking a hammer to the chest. 3& huguely gets 23 years for killing his girlfriend. what his family had to say after their son was sentenced for murder. a cherry hill vandalism. why many believe this damage was a targeted attack.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. &pa cherry hill pastor and
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community activist is the victim of vandalism!myranda
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believes the people hired to protect her neighborhood are now targeting her! 3 4107 i'm not going to fear man, i'm not going to be afraid oo man i'm going to walk 09as a pastor and longtime community activist... 72-year-old cleodd walker is now leaning on her faith... after bbing the target of vicious vannalism. 4109 i'm covered in the armour of god, and i will not let them deter me 14 on thursday morning ... and an expletive spray-painted on the hood of her car outside her cherry hill apartmenn. she believes the vandalism was done in retaliation by some security guards who watch over the complex! michelle 36:16 where i used to live at they used to ride through and harrass poor people or stoo them. harrass them all the time and we be like is that the real police or fake police? 26 walker says the day before the vandalism... she and some other community activists filed a 25-million dollar lawsuit against the security company... folllwing complaints that some offthe guards were making illegal stops and aase arrests!
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another plaintiff in the lawsuit found her home spray-painted! 40045 the same hand writing the same spray paint and the same threat of death 53 we contacted the security company... tenable protective services... about the allegations... but no onee returned our alls! police are now investigating... but in the meantime... walker says guard. 4114 i'm going to trust god's grace and mercy and i'm going to walk in his promise that he will never leave me or foresake me 20 so i know that he's a higher power than that power that is committing these acts 25 in cherry hill, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. walker says this isn't the first time she's been received a threateninngnote and had her tires slashed after complaining toothe security company. three people are dead at a new jersey supermarket after a gunman opens fire. all three were working the night shift at the pathmark supermarket. among the dead, the gunman --
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who police say shot and killed two co-workers before turning police say tte shooter was a twenty-three year old man... ....hoowas dischargee from the worked at the store. and the victims were an 18-year old woman and a 24- year old man. investigators say everyone in the sttre was a target. the man suspected in the deaths of 12 people in a colorado movie theaterrtried contacting a psychiatrist... just nine minutes before the sh. shooting.defense attorneyss made the revelation thursday during a court hearing about his relationship with a psychiatrist. attorneys saidd james holles tried to get in touch with doctor lynne fentoo through the university of colorado switchboard on july thursday that she contacted campus police because she was "so concerned" about her last meetiig with was also revealed the university of iowa rejected holmes' graduate school applicationnin 20-11.according to documents... one school
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ooficial said quote "do not offer admissions under any circumstances." 3 tonight... what george huguely's family has to say about the killing of cockeysvilll native yeerdley lo. love. crime ann justice reporter joy lepola brings us the latest from charlottesville and on the legal battles that still face both families. families. ((pkg))23 years that is the sentence a charlottesville juuge anded down against former uva lacrosse player george huguely following the fatal beating of his ex-girlfriend... cockeysville native yeardley love.((insert video))both attended school at the university of virginia here in charlottesville. both just weeks away from a prepared statement huguely's family said they "love george and will always support him"and
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they believe llve's death was an accident. and that yeardley "wwll always be in our hearts". chapman 16:50:06 this young mannhas an anger proble he has 17:02:56 we think george was convicted of a crime inconsistant with the facts evidence required.the love family meanwhile saying "we are relieved to put this chaater behind us"((recorded on camera tag in charlottesville-do not cover)) pow keep innmind while this case is behind the love family... here are two civil lawsuits one is a 30 million dollar lawsuit against george huguely the other is a wroogful death suit against the university of charlottesville joy lepola fox 45 news at ten a michigan man goes from raiiroaa engineer to multi-millionaire...áovernightt. ghtt..ádonald lawsoná is the winner of the 337-million-dollar ápowerball
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jackpotá lawson opted for the cash option giving him a lump sum of more than 220-million dollars. as you can imagine lawson quit his jobbafter realizing he won. the win is the 3-rd largest in the history of the powerball. lawson says he credits divine intervention for the big win. the phrase áonce in a blue been put to use tonnght. tonight. the rare occurrence graced the sky at 9:58 p--. despite its nnme...the moon isn't actually blue... but its called that because its thh 2- nd full moon in one month. the first full moon was on august 1-st. this happens when the moon completes its orbit point 5 days. tonight will be the ast time we see 2 full moons in one month until july 30-15. - another beautiful day in baltimore, but will the remnants of isaac wash out our labor day weekend? weekend? let's go to meteorologist emill gracey for a look at what's happening now.
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now. 3 a hazing ritual puts a soldier in the hospital. why thh family of the wounded soldier ssyssthe government is
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trying to shut them up. 3& fighting back against al. we'll introduce you to a man who is beating tte odds and show yyu how you can join the fight against these &pterrible diseases.
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for decades the mda has been raising money for musculaa diseases.... funding reseerch ttat could one day save lives. the annual telethon is a labor day tradition... but the fight for a cure... is year round. in toniiht's cover story, jennifer gilbert introduces us to a man who's battling
10:27 pm
als.... losing muscle... but finding strength. 3 ((fire trucks nats))at the they're eady at a moments notice.((nats))but in the quuet between calls.... they take a momeet to remember why they do this. this. 00:44:24- 01:44:28firefightee ronnwalters: "these are boot cuffs, they're supposed to wrap around our boots, so people now what we're doing." filling their boots for the muscular dystrophy association... raising money to help people like phillip rogers.01:39:56- 01:40:11 phillip rogers: "and because of what ya'lllgo out on the corners to do every year, we're aale to get the money, like this wheel chair."he shows them what it's like to live with als... also known as lou gehrig's disease... a progressive attack on nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord... weaking muscles and resulting in paralysis. 01:47:08- 01:47:17firefighter
10:28 pm
michael roberts: i can relate to that, i have a wife and smaal children myself it could happennto me, it could happen to any of the guys i work with, you just never know. phillip knowsswhat its like to be on the front lines.... a formmr anne arundel county police officer, now struggling with the diignosis he received pearly two years ago.phillip rogers: 01:02:22- 01:02:26it was devastating, it really was ///butt to///01:02:33- 01:02:49 well, i told, excuse me, i told my wife that day about what i was diaggosed with.but finding the strength to tell hissson... woulddtaae time.... 01:09:37- 01:09:55phillip rogers: i try to keep active with him, cause i'm not able him."and time is something phillip doesn't take for granted. 01:10:00- 01:10:16 phillip rogers: "i watch tv &pwith him, cartoons that he
10:29 pm
enjoys watching, some of the shows like wipeout for instance, we sit and watch the 6 years old, his son doesnt understand the changes in his father... the diffiuclty with daily tasks. tasks. ---stairglide nats---his &pmoveeents more measured... controlled with edical equipmenn.some days... eeen talking... is tiring. 00:59:19- 00:59:33phillip in what i want to say and then i hit speak and the device will speak for me me 01:25:04- 01:25:11 (cover with vid of him typing into communicattng device)phillip rogers: i wasnt typing all that fast before, but i type device that helps phillip - spread the message... working with the mda to raise awareness.... (nats)) communiiation device at fire stationand when he needs &psupport... he turns to his inspirationn. 01:23:20- 01:23:26phillip rogers: i've
10:30 pm
had the opportunity to meet oj brigance from the ravens.oj's courageous struggle is living proof that strength is no match for als.... 01:23:35- 01:23:55phillip rogers: seeing him, you know, and the way that he is and for what als has done to him, i have to get out and do whaa i raising money for the mda loan closet which donates medical equipment that mann cant afford. 01:53:58- 01:54:07 calvin hargett, mda: we try to help everyone regardless of their capability, their try to use what you can use, but after that the mda steps up. cal hargett has been volunteering with the mda for nearly 40 years.... 01:53:43- 01:53:50calvin hargett, mda:providing appliances, providing people to go out and live as r - normal a life as possible. thhy're also pushing research....and sponsoring clinical trials... in hopes
10:31 pm
there could one day be a cure..... though it may not be in phillip's lifetime... 01:20:40- 01:20:52phillip rogers: i really dont think they're close, but i'm confident they're still working on it everyday." watch... the... mda "show of strength" ... at... 8 p- m... on the c-w ...ttis sunday. 3 3- a hazing ritual that can kill. why this video is opening investigations across all branches of america's armed an
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academy awwrd winner surprises supporters at mitt romney's convention in tampa. whht he had to say about president obama. 3 3 ñ aadisturbing case of
10:33 pm
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military hazing involving a
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michigan soldier... caught on video. this all happened on april fourth in ft. bragg in north carolina. an arry sgt. was accepting his promotion. in a letter from the department of the army, they admit that the unauthorized initiation process, which you are about to see, landed him in the hospital and could have taken his life. tonight jared werksma spoke with the soldier's father who'' áfurious about what happened to his son... (ááápkgááá)(ááávideo natsááá) the video of army sgt. philip roach's "right of passage" as the u-s army calls it.. is hard to watch..(áááplay videoááá)but what happens next might be worse.(6:45áááwhat happened immediately after he hit the ground? he started seizing. i was told that nobody came to his rescue there and she nelt down next to him to comfort him ...and nobody really responded until his commander came in.) (7:11áááthey waited until the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. he was seizingg thattwhole time? yes sir.)his father...ken an 8
10:36 pm
year army vet himself...and no stranger to haising. (3:50)áááhave you ever seen anything like this before? no sir.ááá(4:12)áááyou have aa problemmwith this? yes i do. how so? that's a wooden mallet...they could have killed my son.áááhe even felt it necessary to caal president obama...and the department of the army sent back this letter acknowledging the "unauthorized ceremony"....thht caused his son to "fall o the floor"...rrsulting in a cut plose." the letter also calls it a "clear incident of haizing that caused injury to a great soldier" and says first sgt. carpenter who strikes sgt. roach in the video...has been repremanded...but this war vet says it's not enough. (7:36)áááwhattdo you want to see happen? i would like to see a reduction in his rank. i would like to see him charged with assault because this is assauly. he could have killed my son.ááá((:58)áááyou sign your kids up to go to the military yyu know that their life is in danggr but you don't expect to get a phone call that says he had seizures because someone hit him with a wooden mallet.ááá nowhere in the letter from the department of the army is a seizure mentioned. ken roach says the
10:37 pm
army is outright denying it ever happened. he also says since his son reported this &pincident, he's been ordered t do demeaning tasks not common to his rank. 3 presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney can now drop the ápresumptiveá...after accepting the nomination for president of the united states. romney appeared beforr a huge crowed at the republican national convention in tampa...shaking hands with many of his supporters. the former governor of massachusetts spoke for about 40-minutes...reintroducing himself to the american electorate and hammering away at president obama. "if i am elected president of these united states, i will work with all my energy and soul to restore that america, to lift our eyes to a better future. that future is our destiny. that future is out there. it is waiting for us. our children deserve it, our nation depends upon it, the peace and freedom of the world require it. and with your help we will deliver it. let us begin that future together toni" tonight." romney was
10:38 pm
campaigning in florida today and will soon head to virginia and ohio.all three states are seen as crucial for romney to win in november. president obama will be in north carolina next week for the democcatic convention. mitt romney is the g-o-p's alternative to president obama. in july romney and the r-n-c raked in ovee 100-million-dollars in campaign donations...beating preeident barack obama by more than 25-million dollars. jeff baand has a look at the numbbrs. 3 mitt romney's bid for the white house is paved with money -- lots of money....okay, not this much cash.but according to the politics, romney's campaign -- not including pacs and superpacs has raised [graphic 193,373.762 ] nearly 195
10:39 pm
million dollars through mid august.[piccure of "sea department of defense]for thaa kind of money romney could have bought a new navy sea shadow steaath ship. is it logical to think that one can also buy a job in the white in 33:23 "you can not buy a - presidential election particularly in 2012 because mooey just does not equal votes."trt=:07however, political analyst richard vatz says mooey can influence the margins of a national election. nearly two dozen individual donors have given a quarter million dollars or more to pro romney super paas. among them, casino and hotel adelsons ponied up ten million dollars to 'restore our future.' a pro romney super pac. that's on top of 30 millioo the adelsons have already poured into this election cycle. conservative texan multimillionaire home builder, bob perry recently cut a two million dollar check to red super pac 'restore our future.'fellow texan robert rowling -- a successful investor also ponied up two million for the
10:40 pm
'american crossroads' super pac.floridian william koch (pronounced "coke"] an avid yachtsman and twin brother of pndustrialist billionaire david -- also gave two million dollars to 'restore our future' [sot in vatz]sot in 39:13 "people view money as freedom of speech, at least they should view it as freedom of nothing wrong with people giving money to the andidate they support."trt=:08and there's also nothing wrong with employees of major companies cutting checks for campaigns . among those squarely in romnee's fold.... [graphic]goldman sachs, jp morgan, bank of america, morgan stanley and citigroup to name a few.[sot vatz]sot in 38:14 "people believe thatt if bbrack ooama wins this election he's going to pontinue the ar against wealthier americans." trt=06 during the democratic national convention we will parse the money behind president obama. the republican national convention may be over but paul ryan is still hard at work....this time in virginia. the newly minted vice presidential nominee spoke at a rally today in richmond. ryan is campaigning solo since
10:41 pm
mitt romney is in louisiana geeting a first hand look at the damage by hurricane isaac. today ryan fired shots at president obama's lack of leadership. "you remember when president obama used to talk about we don't have red states or blue states we're just the united when he said we'll set aside childish things aad work together... eric, this is the most partisan president, most partisan atmosphere we have ever dealt with, nothing's getting done because of his par" partisanship." president obama is speaking to troops in ttxas. today marks two years since ending the combat mission in iraq. romney has some big time celebrities endorsing him. longtime republican and academy award winner áclint eastwoodá made a surprised appearance before delegates in tampa. "it's important that you realize that you're the best in the world. and whether you're a democrat or republican or liberttrian or whatever, you're the best and we should not ever forget
10:42 pm
that. and when somebody does noo do the job, we gotta let them go." eaatwood told reporters he's backing romney because he thinks the country needs a boost. ww... have... a lot of stories... for the white hhuse... - on... our website../. go... to... fox-baltimore dot com... / click on... "vote 2012"... in the hot topics section... at the top of the screen 3 3 3 3
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they couldn't pick it up, that's how heavy it was. was. a 6- hundred pound gravestone falls on a little girl. what she was doing when it fell. and the number of people it took to tryyand help her. he's not your typical passenger. what police mistook this bear or.
10:46 pm
and why one woman is now paying the price. (((pkg))) i'm candace dold with your traffic edge report.we have more road closures due to preparations for the baltimore grand prix.395 is shut down between martin luther king jr blvd and pratt st.hanover street is blocked between pratt and lombaad streets hopkins place shut down between pratt and lombard streets.lee street is closed between light and charles streets pratt street at paca streets - conway street between howard and light streets camden street between paca and howard streets there's a long list of information to knnw, but we've put it on our website for you fox baltimore dot com slash news links.((ess))) yyu can get up to the minute traffic weekend on our website... foxbaltimore dot com.... and on our fox45's free and weather in the palm of your hand. candace
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dold ffx45 news at ten.
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a private funeral service was held today... for astronaut neil armstrong. armstrong.the funeral took place in cincinnati this morning.president obama has
10:50 pm
also asked the country to lower their flags to half staff to honnr the first man on the moon.armstrong died last saturday... at the age of 822 3 a 3-year-old new hampshire girl recovers after she's trapped under a 6-hundredd pound gravestone. this massive gravestonn pell on the little girl during a game of áhide and seeká. the un-secured stone somehow old's leg. it took 3-men to get it off of her. they couldn't pick it up, that's how heavy it was a granite stone weighing between six and eight hundred pounds. it was very very heavy, thank god it didn't land on the upper torso. lifting it was not what we thought about at the timee just getting care to the little girl in the first place. place. the girl suffered a seeious leg fracture and underwent surgery...but should be fine. a stuffed teddy bear gets an oregon driver in trouble with the law. ((:15 i'm rolling by...i am
10:51 pm
getting a ticket right nnw. :23) :23))she's laughing about it now... but police slapped this girl wwth a 2- hundred and sixty dollar ticket for ddiving in the h-o-v lane... with a stuffed passenger.the girl says she -j little bit faster.she says she's llarned her lesson. 3 a phenomenal performance by the orioles starter...see if thh o's are one game closer to first in sports unlimited... gravity can't hold this woman down. how one husband's anticiiation to kiss his bride leaves her strrggling to catch her balance.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. the orioles are still in line
10:54 pm
for one of two american league wildcards...afttr these next 3 games innn-y-c...the wildcard could be irrelevant.because back from the east - trailing the yankees. yankees..op of the 2nd...birds up 1-0...make that 3-0...mark reynolds nails it to left... 2nd deck for his 13th homer... a 2-run shot...he hit 2 tonight....bottom 3...reynolds flashing the leather...great reaction at first...robs russell martin of a base hit... .to the o's starter...miguel gonzalez piiching in hii first game since august 20th....he's well rested...strikes out eric chavez in the 5th....nexx batter...martin goes too far... .6th inning...gonzalez strikess out nick swisher...he struck
10:55 pm
out 4 times..gonzalez sets a career mark with 9 punchouts in 7 innings...o's are 2 games behind new york in the division...6-1 final. it's called a 53-man roster for a reason.only 53 players per n-f-l team.704 players around the league oday got the ax.john harbaugh and staff waited just before the 9 p-m deadline to turn the roster in. 22 players cut... 8 of those can land on the practice squad.'s some big names cut...running back anthony allen.a 7th round pick last season... didn't run the ball well... and doesn't do special teams.omar brown... brown made some plays this a carr gone.q-b curtis painter the same fate.he threw 3 picks last night.receiver logan payne... and linebacker chavis williams... who was on the practice squad last seeson. season. here's some guys added to the iijured reserve...bascially have llfe thanks to injuries..runnnng back damien berry.o-lineman justin boren.... who had plenty of reps this preseason all over the line.and 6th
10:56 pm
round pick out of miami... receiver tommy treeter... here's harbaugh on this difficult process. 3 our high sccool game of the week coming up at 11-30 on the late edition... you may now kiss the bride. how one couples kiss to holy matrimony leaves their guest gasping...then laughing. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... editiin... you kkow things are bad when your neighborhood has to put up a rat crossing sign.where a rodlent problem has really gotten out of hand. 3 33 and this weekend could be your last chance to hit the beach. some fashion advice on
10:57 pm
how to avoid those unwantedd stares. ink?thh product that hidds
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
those a wedding falls victim to gravity thanks to her brand new husband. husband.(((silence) then scream) screams))kissing the bride

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